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Full name: Kim Yewon

Nickname: n/a

Mutant ability: Thread manipulation is Yewon’s ability. Yewon can manipulate any thread or string and can use them in many different techniques.But she has her own special thread that she is able to manipulate better and can be used in a more deadlier way. Her own special thread that she always carries with her are strong and sharp. They can cut through anything from a person to anything metallic. Yewon can also combine her threads with the others to make it stronger to fight and/or make it bigger to be able to protect herself from different attacks. Yewon can trap an enemy with the sharp thread. Any sudden movement from them, the thread will cut through them.

Weakness: Of course to be able to make such techniques with the threads she will need a great load of concentration (depending on which technique). She will need lots of training to be able to have full control of her power and be able to use more powerful techniques. The type of thread she will most likely use (or so found in her surroundings) are flammable threads, which means fire is a weakness. It can weaken her attack and defense if the thread is flammable.  To be able to use a different type of thread/string— that is not her own — she needs to come in contact with it to be able to manipulate it. Yewon’s own thread can only be damaged by light or a great amount of strength.

Group: Jewely 

Room: 67

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